Chelsea vs Manchester City: Lampard’s side earn crucial win over 10 men citizens

Chelsea vs Manchester City: Lampard's side earn crucial win over 10 men citizens

Chelsea vs Manchester City: It was a deep-seated dream for decades, a hex that went on incomprehensibly for thirty years. A nightmare. But Liverpool finally reconciled with the Premier, England’s new king after City’s defeat at Stamford Bridge (2-1). From a distance, the Klopp team celebrates a league in which it has had an impeccable journey. Almost perfect. He did not let go and everything went to his face, even chance, perhaps as a reward for so much effort.

Chelsea-Manchester City is already part of Liverpool’s history. How it sounds. The victory of Chelsea (2-1), which strengthens them in the fourth position, with five points of advantage over Manchester United, gave the first Premier League to the team of Jürgen Klopp in a match that had absolutely everything and, even, had the appearance of a ghost, the ghost of the fall of Gerrard.

Chelsea vs Manchester City 2013-14 season

On the penultimate day of the 2013-14 season, Liverpool was leading; but a slip from Gerrard allowed Demba Ba to face alone and beat Mignolet in 0-1, minutes before the end of the second half. The final 0-2 allowed City to reach the lead; which they would no longer lose and would-be champion of that League; exemplifying the curse that Liverpool had with the Premier League.

Chelsea vs Manchester City: Lampard's side earn crucial win over 10 men citizens

In this Chelsea vs Manchester City, that slip-like ghost of Gerrard; the icon of the club, appeared in the form of a bad pass between Gundogan and Mendy that allowed Pulisic’s speed race to score 1-0. De Bruyne, with a direct shot in the second half, made it 1-1 and from there; he was a runner-up, with a shot to the post of Sterling shortly after the equalizer and; the ball is taken from under Pulisic until Fernandinho, in the 75th minute. He committed a penalty by stopping Abraham’s shot with his hand.

The penalty was scored by Willian, who made it 2-1 for Chelsea and gifted the Premier that he himself helped take away Liverpool in 2014 when he scored 0-2 in that fateful Gerrard slip game.

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