Liverpool equals the best winning streak of consecutive Premier League wins

Liverpool equals the best winning streak of consecutive Premier League wins

Liverpool win over West Ham, they chain 18 wins in a row in Premier League

Liverpool has taken a short time to forget his stumble against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and resumed the Premier League with his usual step, winning. It was far from a baggy or brilliant victory due to the great resistance of West Ham but served to add three points that bring the league title close to Liverpool by continuing with 22 points above Manchester City.

Salah and Mane led the comeback against the ‘West Ham’, who took the lead in the second half

The team of Jurgen Klopp on Monday matched the best winning streak in the history of the Premier League, in the hands of Manchester City after achieving 18 consecutive wins in the 2017-18 season, On Sunday Liverpool wins the Watford he will establish a new brand.


Liverpool’s winning streak

Liverpool-Tottenham (2-1)

Aston Villa-Liverpool (1-2)

Liverpool-Manchester City (3-1)

Crystal Palace-Liverpool (1-2)

Liverpool-Brighton (2-1)

Liverpool-Everton (5-2)

Bournemouth-Liverpool (0-3)

Liverpool-Watford (2-0)

Leicester-Liverpool (0-4)

Liverpool-Wolves (1-0)

Liverpool-Sheffield (2-0)

Tottenham-Liverpool (0-1)

Liverpool-Manchester United (2-0)

Wolves-Liverpool (1-2)

West Ham-Liverpool (0-2)

Liverpool-Southampton (4-0)

Norwich-Liverpool (0-1)

Liverpool-West Ham (3-2)

Manchester City winning streak in Premier League 2017/18 season.

Winning streak of Manchester City

Bournemouth-Manchester City (1-2)

Manchester City-Liverpool (5-0)

Watford-Manchester City (0-6)

Manchester City-Crystal Palace (5-0)

Chelsea-Manchester City (0-1)

Manchester City-Stoke City (7-2)

Manchester City-Burnley (3-0)

West Bromwich-Manchester City (2-3)

Manchester City-Arsenal (3-1)

Leicester-Manchester City (0-2)

Huddersfield-Manchester City (1-2)

Manchester City-Southampton (2-1)

Manchester City-West Ham (2-1)

Manchester United-Manchester City (1-2)

Swansea-Manchester City (0-4)

Manchester City-Tottenham (4-1)

Manchester City-Bournemouth (4-0)

Newcastle-Manchester City (0-1)


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