Manchester City became the first Premier team to not cut its employee wages

Manchester City became the first Premier team to not cut its employee wages

Manchester City became the first Premier team to confirm that it will not make cuts in its staff salaries.

Manchester City agreed to pay all its employees who are not part of the staff or its technical staff for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. The director of operations ‘sky blue’, Omar Berrada, transmitted it to him this weekend after adopting the average last week.

“We can confirm, following the decision of the President and Board of Directors last week, that Manchester City will not use the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. We remain determined to protect our people, their jobs and our business while doing everything possible to support our community at this difficult time for all City spokesperson told ‘Daily Mail‘ and ‘Sky Sports.’

Guardiola as a whole will not activate a mechanism that has already been implemented by Tottenham, Newcastle or Liverpool, which have availed themselves of government measures to take over 80% of the wages of non-player workers during the crisis. Now, the squad, like the rest of the footballers, will have to continue negotiating with the Premier 30% of the cuts or deferrals in their salaries that the English League proposed to the players.

Premier League has just announced the postponement of the undated competition the previous deadline was until April 30 until the return is not certain in addition to approving a global economic plan that includes three points:

– The clubs will jointly ask their players for a 30% discount on their salaries to keep the rest of the jobs in their entities.

– £ 125 million aid to the lower divisions (EFL and National League)

– £ 20 million aid to English Public Health

The date for the return of the Premier League is under continuous analysis the agency said in a video conference meeting held by the Premier, the PFA (Association of footballers) and the EFL (English Football League)..

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