Manchester City sink Aston Villa to win third successive Carabao Cup

Manchester City win Carabao Cup

Manchester City win Carabao Cup

The Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has triumphed 6 times in the Bernabeu and has raised 7 titles in the temple of football as a coach. He already received his doctorate in 1992, winning the ‘Orejona’ as a Barca player against Sampdoria and continues his tradition since he stains his hands with the chalk on the board.

To the Champions conquered in 2011 with Barcelona against United has been added an FA Cup, two Community Shield and the three Cups of the League since he is in the City, the last achieved against Aston Villa (1-2). Every time he has stepped on Wembley has triumphed and tasted metal turning the Carabao Cup into the celestial territory.

The last three rest in the Etihad. With seven, Liverpool‘s eight are already lurking, the leader in the winners of the tournament. Aston Villa, a historic with a European Cup on his lapel but full of disgust in the last five years, bothered what he could to a City that rotated after the battle of Madrid. Only Gundogan, Walker and Rodri repeated the eleven that challenged Zidane’s squad. Guardiola changed parts without hardly noticing the difference.

City lift their third straight League Cup with 2-1 win over Aston Villa

The extensive staff of Manchester City allows it. Foden, who did not get dressed shortly before Real Madrid, was exhibited in the final. He attended Aguero in the 1-0. Kun reappeared in a final. Rodri also did it in a corner that headed a goal putting the 2-0 at half an hour. The final seemed decanted until a slip of Stones opened a glimmer of hope for the Villa. El-Ghazi escaped, focused and Samatta made the 2-1.

Prince William, a fan of the ‘Villains’, went crazy in the stands. City dominated sufficiently but did not find the goal. Nyland stops slowed the whole ‘blue sky’ adding minutes of life to the ‘Villains’. The final was never closed and Villa touched the extension. In a corner bordering the added time, Bravo and the stick avoided Engels’s draw. A scare before an end of a burden for the City.

The third consecutive League Cup is already celestially matching the Liverpool record, which also chained three between 1981 and 1984. There are already five for Silva, Aguero, and Fernandinho, kings of the tournament with Rush. Guardiola took his twenty-first final of 25 disputed. He has won the six he has lived with City and 29 trophies in his career. Only Alex Alex Ferguson (48) and Mircea Lucescu (32) surpass him..

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