Manchester United beats Manchester City 3 time in a single season with a league double

Manchester United beats Manchester City

Manchester United win the Manchester derby with 2-0

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has taken the measure to Pep Guardiola. The chasm that separates Manchester City from Manchester United in the Premier classification does not exist in the direct results since the Norwegian coach rules in Old Trafford. 5 times they have crossed and 3 times ‘Solski’ has won, all this season. No team or manager has defeated the Catalan coach 3 times in the same campaign.

In both the Etihad and the Theater of Dreams the Manchester United in the derbies have won. Without De Bruyne, wounded in the shoulder at Wembley, Manchester City barely disturbed De Gea in the first round except for a shot from Sterling. Manchester United was serious and hit first. On a strategy play, Bruno Fernandes stung the ball and Martial beat Ederson. The Brazilian goal was not fine and the French matched the mark that Cristiano ‘wet’ at home and out in the same course against Manchester City.

The Portuguese made his fifth goal since he was in the Premier punishing a City that sought the match. Aguero made the 1-1 but was knocked out. The VAR detected a millimeter position. United, with its advantage, was entrusted to De Gea. And the Spanish goal warmed his gloves and avoided all attempts ‘citizens’, especially with great stops before Foden and Gabriel Jesus.

He threw the padlock into his goal and left to zero. The one who did not leave immaculate was Ederson, who failed on the last play giving McTominay the definitive goal. He pulled bad and out of place with his hands and the Scot scored, from afar and empty door, 2-0. Another mistake. Since 2015 they did not beat their top rivals at home in La Liga. The two derbies of this Premier have been red and the League is getting closer to Liverpool. The City resigned several weeks ago from the battle for the title. Manchester United showed the way of the comeback to Real Madrid in Old Trafford..

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