Ozil refuse to accept Arsenal’s salary cut

Ozil is one of three players in the Arsenal who refused to accept the pay cut

Ozil is one of three players in the Arsenal who refused to accept the pay cut

Mesut Ozil is one of three players in the Arsenal that, so far have refused to join a pay cut of 12.5% agreement between club and players to cope with the crisis of the coronavirus.

Ozil, who earns 350,000 euros a week and is the highest-paid footballer in the squad; does not rule out cutting his salary in the future, but he has made it clear that; before making a decision, he wants to wait to see the economic consequences that this will leave crisis.

Arsenal assuring that their staff had accepted the exceptional measures proposed by the club and had agreed to reduce the salary by 12.5% ​​for one year.  Arsenal will repay the money in full if they qualify for the Champions League; either this season or the next and will also pay the players a £100,000 bonus.

According to the Mirror, there are three wayward people who do not want to accept the measure; aimed at helping the club’s delicate economy after the crisis that the COVID-19 is generating. Apparently, Mesut Ozil, the footballer who charges the most from the squad, would be one of those who do not accept the proposal and refuses to lower his salary.

The player argues that before accepting such a measure, he prefers to see the full financial impact of the coronavirus so as not to rush into a decision. Then they will be to accept a salary reduction.

The representative of the former Madridista, Erkut Sogut, did not want to comment on it, although he recently called for the players not to accept the salary cuts. A deferral is an option, but don’t agree to a cut today when clubs can still reap the same gains as last year..

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