Premier clubs vote to start training with contact

Greenlight in the Premier League for the return to training with contact

Greenlight in the Premier League for the return to training with contact

The Premier League clubs voted “unanimously” for the return of training sessions with contact; in a further step towards the return of the championship. The measure that brings the return of the competition closer after more than two months of suspension forced by the Covid-19. The 20 clubs that make up the league met on Wednesday by videoconference to vote to go to phase 2 of training; after receiving the go-ahead from the British government a few days ago.

The Premier’s clubs have voted in favor of the proposal to recover training sessions with contact after a week doing it individually; maintaining the distances between soccer players to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

The Premier League’s priority is the health and well-being of all participants. Strict medical protocols have been put in place to ensure that the training ground is the safest place possible; the Premier said in a statement. The entrance to this second phase of training has been agreed after conversations with clubs; players, coaches, the PFA (Players Association), and the Government.

This step is key in the intention of being able to resume the competition when possible. In this way, the so-called ‘Project Restart’ takes a step forward and goes to the second phase to ensure that; the season can end and the clubs achieve their goals on the field.

It is still pending to mark in the calendar an official date for the return of the competition. Initially, the plan intended for English football to return on June 12, although at the moment it is difficult to think that it could be considered valid that day by specifying the players several weeks of training before returning to action..

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