Premier league clubs unanimously agree to resume training from Tuesday

Premier league clubs unanimously agree to resume training from Tuesday

Group training in the Premier League from this Tuesday

The Premier League clubs voted “unanimously” in favor of the return to training in small groups from tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19, as a step prior to the restart of the English League, which has nine days and 92 left parties still play after their suspension on March 13 due to the coronavirus. The shareholders unanimously voted to return to small group training from tomorrow afternoon, this being the first step to restart the Premier League when it is safe, the English League statement said.

The Secretary of State for Sports in the United Kingdom, Oliver Dowden, also said on Monday; that the British Executive hopes that the Premier can resume in mid-June. In this way, the clubs gave the ok to the protocol presented by the Premier League; and the players will train again in small groups with the aim of returning to the competition in June.

The Premier said in a statement: “Step one of the training protocol allows teams to train while maintaining social distance. Clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham or Liverpool had already opened their facilities to train individually.  The players and coaches of the Premier received a 40-page dossier with the rules for training last week, which included the prohibition of entry-level and the obligation to disinfect the fields. Now they can do it in small groups as part of the ‘Project Restart’.

The Premier took the first step for the return of the English League. The British Government has already given the green light to the return of professional sports behind closed doors. “This first stage has been agreed in consultation with players, coaches, doctors from Premier clubs, independent experts, and the Government. Strict medical protocols of the highest level will ensure that everyone returns to training in the safest possible environment.


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