Tottenham Spurs vs Norwich: Tottenham are out of the FA Cup

Tottenham Spurs vs Norwich: Tottenham are out of the FA Cup

Tottenham says goodbye to the FA Cup on penalties against Norwich City

Tottenham Spurs said goodbye to the FA Cup following a 3-2 penalty shoot defeat to Norwich after drawing in the final section, prevailed in the lottery of the penalties, thus certifying his pass to the quarterfinals, where he will face Derby County or Manchester United.

Those of Mourinho sinned excessively, who after advancing past 10 minutes with a goal from Vertonghen and completing an acceptable first half, gave away the second against the Norwich, who did not miss a gift from the third goalkeeper of the ‘spurs’, the Dutch Vorm, to tie in the 78th minute and resist the extra time.

In the penalties, Dutch Krul, who stopped two pitches and became the hero of the match. After a first occasion, from Lo Celso after a good driving by Lucas Moura, very dangerous at all times, which broke Krul, the goal of Mourinho came. He went to the ball stop, in a foul hung on the area by Lo Celso who topped Vertonghen head rising more than anyone (13′).

Ahead on the scoreboard, the London team had a few minutes rather placid, giving some ground to the rival, until after the first half-hour. He began stepping on the rival area with arguments the Norwich. In fact, he had a double chance to move forward. The first shot of Buendia was rejected well by Vorm, the third goalkeeper of the ‘spurs’, who a minute later almost starred in one of the mistakes of the year, when he missed a focused shot of Rupp, although he could react on time.

Tottenham reacted after these first serious attempts of the ‘canaries’ and just before the break he touched 2-0, after a loss of Vrancic forced by Lucas Moura, who saw how Krul prevented him from increasing the advantage.

Second half

In the second half, Norwich had more the ball against a Tottenham who preferred not to take risks. He did not suffer in excess the set of Mou before some attempts ‘canaries’ rather shy. Buendia with a shot that came out very high (49 ‘) and Vrancic with a free-kick that also went to the clouds (58’) starred in the few occasions of Norwich. Until the 70th minute, Vorm did not have to be used to stop a tame shot from Aarons.

Anyway, he played with fire the Tottenham since despite knowing himself superior, he preferred not to look for the second goal that would have sentenced the duel. After a cross-shot of Drmic in an action annulled for offside, a serious error by Vorm, with a bad rejection of McLean’s shot, left Drmic’s goal on the plate, which despite not finishing off well within the small area, tied the game in the absence of less than a quarter of an hour (78 ‘).

Trying to fix the mess, Mou, who shortly before had removed the most elusive man from his team, Lucas Moura, turned to NDombele, but could not prevent the party from going to extra time, although it almost does Aurier, who was 2-1. He avoided it under Godfrey sticks (86 ‘) when the London fans were almost singing the goal.

Extra Time

He had missed the entire second part of the Tottenham, which despite tightening in the final stretch of the 90 minutes, was too hasty. Against the clock, it cost Tottenham to impose his superiority and a shot of Aurier at the start of the extension and an action in which neither the ‘spurs’ claimed a possible penalty by Lewis, were the only clear actions. Too cautious yet, the ‘spurs’ left everything to the last 15 minutes. Krul appeared to save the Norwich with his foot after a cross-shot from Lo Celso, and with less than three minutes to reach the penalties, Gedson Fernandes had it, after a pass with the heel of Lo Celso, but shot very deflected.

On penalties, he started sending Tottenham but after a failure by Lamela, who sent the ball to the crossbar, the Norwich took advantage thanks to a stop by Krul. Gedson Fernandes, with a very weak shot, allowed the easy stop of Krul, a hero on penalties, as he already was in that World Cup with the Netherlands against Costa Rica in the quarterfinals.


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