Xavi: Guardiola is obsessed with football,the best coach in the world

Xavi: Guardiola is obsessed with football,the best coach in the world

Manchester City has released an interview with the Xavi Hernandez

Manchester City has released an interview with Xavi Hernandez; a former Barcelona footballer and current coach of Al Sadd of Qatar. Who was already proposed to lead the Catalan team when Valverde ceased his activities as a Barca coach. Xavi confesses his admiration for the former Barcelona coach: “I have a very good relationship with him; it is a privilege for me to have him around because I consider him the best coach in the world. Therefore, I never doubted that Guardiola was going to succeed at Manchester City. ”

Xavi would highlight De Bruyne and Silva: “I like talented footballers but that talent is expressed for the good of the team. For this reason, I consider David Silva to be extraordinary, as is Kevin De Bruyne. I think Rodri is going to make a leap in quality with this style of play. He also highlighted the names of Aguero and Bernardo Silva: “I think Kun Aguero has made a leap in quality because he has understood that he has to work for the team, Bernardo Silva seems to me to be a marvel, just like Sterling. They do not stop creating. In the City, there are soccer players of galactic level “.

As the cornerstone of the Barcelona winner of the sextet with Guardiola, Xavi coach likes to have the ball: “My idea of ​​football is very similar to that of Guardiola:” I want to have the ball, high pressure, attacking movements be proactive, do not speculate. Going to attack the rival in football. Guardiola is obsessed with football. ”

” My idea is that the player enjoys and the players enjoy when they have the ball and therefore I want to have as much possession as possible. I want to be the dominator of the game,.

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