Ibrahimovic: serious muscle injury and … goodbye to the season?

Milan official statement by Ibrahimovic

Milan official statement by Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has suffered an injury that could leave him out of the playing field for a long period of time. According to various Italian media reports; the Swedish striker from Milan has felt pain in his right calf at the end of a training match, and immediately left Milanello. Ibrahimovic has undergone medical tests that rule out serious injury and point to a muscle injury in the soleus.

The Swedish striker had to withdraw from training last Monday as a result of an injury. An ailment that alerted everyone due to Ibrahimovic ‘s gestures of pain to the point that it was quickly speculated with a serious ailment. The club denied a major injury and tests have confirmed that it is a muscle breakdown.

The 38-year-old Swede injured a twin during the game with which the session ended, but left the premises without using crutches. Finally, the Swede has an injury to the soleus of the right calf; and it is completely ruled out that the Achilles tendon is damaged; something that some media pointed out. A new review will be done in 10 days.

Ibrahimovic returned last week from Sweden where she completed confinement. Serie A stopped with 12 days to go and the Swede trained with the Swedish Hammarby; the club of which he is the co-owner, during part of his stay in Sweden.

Wink from Ibrahimovic to Hammarby ?

Nothing is clear about the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede seems to be enjoying the uncertainty and winked again; although this time he went to Hammarby and not Milan; with whom he ends his contract at the end of June.

Ibrahimovic took advantage of his Twitter account to celebrate that the Swedish league returns to the field of play and winked at the club of which he is one of the shareholders and with whom he was training while Italy was detained by the coronavirus. ” See you on the field, ” wrote Ibrahimovic; who has been linked to a possible return to Sweden to play in the Hammarby jersey.

In fact, the striker himself has already said that he would be excited to wear his shirt; although he did not say when. At the moment, nothing is known about a possible renewal with Milan although the issue has been put on the table. The point here is that Ibrahimovic, who is one of the owners of the Hammarby; could also consider the option of returning as a marketing claim to revive the club, which will have no fans in the stands..

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