Lazio think Ronaldo had privilege in madeira training others have not

Lazio think Cristiano Ronaldo plays with the advantage

Lazio think Cristiano Ronaldo plays with the advantage

Lazio has intervened in the new controversy involving Cristiano Ronaldo to be seen training on Thursday at the Madeira National Stadium.

After the Series A was suspended on 9th March 12 days from the end because of the coronavirus pandemic. Juventus, with its Portuguese crack in front. He was the leader with a single point of advantage over the Roman team. Which faces a unique opportunity, if the championship resumes, to achieve the third league title in its history, first in 20 years.

When asked about his thoughts that teams might only be allowed to return in May; also about the problems that Lazio has to deal with during past weeks. “The impression is that there has been a bit of favoritism,” says Arturo Diaconale, spokesman for Lazio. Referring to the players like Cristiano Ronaldo; “They can train quietly in abroad” while the ‘lazily’ are still confined to Italy”. Let’s say that the others have had a little more advantage.

Juventus has allowed that, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, other players like Higuain, Douglas Costa, Pjanic and Khedira have been able to travel to their countries to be with their families.

“The players who are abroad will have the opportunity to return and resume training like the Lazio players,” Diaconale argues. “But with a difference, the ‘biancocelesti’ stayed at home. From Portugal, I have seen splendid images of Ronaldo training on a beautiful soccer field. They have quietly trained abroad, we could not. ”

Lazio is one of the most active Italian clubs in claiming the resumption of training as well as Series A as soon as possible, being in favor of the competition being played again from May 4. A position widely criticized in Italy that other clubs, such as Brescia, which refuses to end the season..

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