Napoli vs Inter: Mertens and Ospina leave Lautaro without Coppa final

Napoli vs Inter: Mertens and Ospina leave Lautaro without Coppa final

Napoli vs Inter (1-1): Napoli, who still has to play the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Barca after 1-1 at San Paolo. Napoli will have the opportunity next Wednesday to play the Coppa final against Juventus. Mertens equalize Eriksen’s opening goal and eliminated Inter (1-1) from a missing Lautaro Martinez, Barca’s goal did not have its day and he substitutes in 74′.

Napoli started with an advantage thanks to the 0-1 achieved in the first leg in Milan before confinement. Fabian Ruiz, who scored that goal in February; started the lap on the San Paolo bench due to some discomfort. In 2′ Eriksen took a corner with power, and with a diabolical effect; nobody managed to clear or finish and the ball entered the goal before a surprised Ospina.

The 0-1 gave way to an intense match, with Gennaro Gattuso’s team disorganized with separate lines; but always dangerous in attack, and the set of Antonio Conte in dominating plan and with dangerous arrivals.

Napoli vs Inter: Mertens and Ospina leave Lautaro without Coppa final

Before the half-hour, Candreva, Eriksen, and Brozovic were around 0-2 with dangerous shots in plays; in which Lukaku was more participative than Lautaro; who began to show signs of life with a great change of game to the incisor Candreva in one play. Which ended with another dangerous header from Lukaku.

Napoli vs Inter 2nd half

Napoli was not comfortable and had the misfortune of a slip from Mertens. When he was preparing to take advantage of an empty goal; a stolen ball from Politano to Handanovic, unskillful with his foot. Inter was in command before the referee forgave Young the second yellow and the red; he put a golden ball in the 32 ‘in the head of Lukaku, who forced Ospina to show off his reflexes.

It was a warning from the Colombian goalkeeper; who was instantly key with another save on Candreva’s shot in the 39 ‘and with a perfect goal kick in the 41′; because he became a counter against Insigne; who gave the 1-1 to Mertens in a lethal counter. It was a historic goal, the Belgian’s 122 at Naples, leaving Hamsik behind as the club’s top scorer.

The goal revived a Napoli that in the second part gave a better image, with the lines closer together and waiting for the counter against a more anxious Inter. Insigne touched 2-1.

Conte looked for more spark and found it changing to a disconnected and angry Lautaro in 74’. Alexis, his substitute, almost scored the 1-2 as soon as he entered and in the 81 ‘. He gave the heel a great pass to Eriksen, but his shot at close range was deflected by a huge Ospina. Napoli ended up defending Inter’s desperate attacks in a very orderly manner and qualified for the final.

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