Napoli vs Juventus: Ronaldo fails to win Italian cup (Coppa Italia)

Napoli vs Juventus: Ronaldo fails to win Italian cup (Coppa Italia)

Napoli vs Juventus: The penalties (4-2) did justice in a Coppa Italia final that Napoli had already deserved to win in the 90 minutes (0-0). Buffon and the posts had saved Juventus; but the veteran goalkeeper conceded the first four pitches of Insigne, Politano, Maksimovic, and Milik; while Meret stopped Dybala’s first and watched Danilo shoot the second into the clouds. The goals of Bonucci and Ramsey were no longer of any use, and Cristiano Ronaldo, always reserving for the fifth, was left without shooting. He is not new to his award-winning career.

Napoli lifts its sixth Coppa; confirmed in the first half that it has hardened defensively with Gennaro Gattuso; with an idea similar to that of the first leg of the round of 16 played against Barcelona in San Paolo before the break ( 1-1). With the lines close together, he sometimes seems impenetrable and ultra-defensive; but when he comes out in danger thanks to the quality of Fabian Ruiz, Insigne or Mertens; and the power of Demme or Zielinski.

Napoli vs Juventus: Match Reports

Gattuso’s plan could fail before the break if it were not for Meret. The young goalkeeper, who regained ownership through the sanction of Ospina; the hero of the semifinal against Inter; deflected in the 5 ‘a hard shot by Cristiano Ronaldo after leaving Dybala and failure in the previous delivery of Callejon.

Cristiano started from the left, with Dybala of ‘false 9’; but neither of them received balls in the danger zone despite the dominance of Juventus in the first half-hour with a taste for Maurizio Sarri’s touch.

Once that initial scare was over. Napoli was already feeling more comfortable and ended the first half attacking and creating chances. Insigne led the offensive with a free-kick to the crossbar (24 ‘); a poisoned shot that Sandro took under sticks (40’) and another diabolical shot that was cleared by Buffon (41 ‘), who at 42 years of age also showed off with the standing before Demme (40 ‘). With less ball, Napoli, with very clear ideas, serious in defense and quick in the attack, could do a lot of damage.

Second Half

The beginning of the second part had the dynamics of the end of the first, with a more physical Napoli. He even started playing on a rival field, showing that he manages different resources. Fabian Ruiz and the first changes, Politano and Milik, looked for 1-0.

Napoli vs Juventus: Ronaldo fails to win Italian cup (Coppa Italia)

Juventus barely showed any signs of life, although Meret had to take a foul from Dybala, his best player yesterday, in the 70th. Pjanic, the goal of Barca; without brightness in the final, left his place to a striker like Bernardeschi 15 minutes from time. Napoli attacked until the last minute, but between Buffon and the post, they again avoided the goal in a double shot by Maksimovic and Allan in a corner. Napoli had deserved the victory but had to stake it on penalties that did justice.


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