FIFA Official: Extended contracts, open transfer market

FIFA Official: Extended contracts, open transfer market

FIFA announced its recommendations regarding contracts, the transfer market, and other issues

FIFA has already published the new legal framework that the world of soccer has in terms of contracts and the transfer market; so pushed to the limit by the crisis that soccer is suffering. From Zurich, it is recalled that football is experiencing a situation that has not existed since World War II; and asks clubs to keep jobs, begging clubs and players to reach agreements on labor issues such as wages and conditions of employment.

If a contract expires on the original end date of the season, such expiration must continue until the new season end date. If a contract starts on the original start date of the next season; that start should be postponed until the new start date of the next season. In the event of overlapping seasons or enrollment periods and unless all parties agree otherwise; priority will be given to the previous club to complete the season with its original team.


All remuneration payable by contract prior to the start date of a contract shall be deferred until the new start date of the next season or the first enrollment period. The requests to extend the end date of the current season will be approved; all requests for extensions or amendments to the registration periods that have already begun; as long as their duration does not exceed the maximum limit that is, 16 weeks.

Federations will be allowed to change season dates and/or registration periods; both through TMS and by notifying FIFA outside of this system. A professional whose contract has expired or been terminated as a result of COVID- 19 will have the right to be registered by a federation outside the registration period, regardless of the expiration or termination date.

Decisions on the registration periods will ultimately depend on the calendar of the different national competitions; For this reason, FIFA will regularly monitor and evaluate this issue.  The contracts are valid via mail exceptionally by circumstances surrounding the football world right now.


It has also been decided to postpone the implementation of the new player loan regulations; which limited to eight loans per season and team. As soon as the situation returns to normal.

All federations have seen the deadline for making all representative operations public until June 30. FIFA recalled that it can not mark the return of the competition in any case; and that in each country or territory or make decisions in this regard; Each federation must make that decision in accordance with the instructions of the relevant national health authorities..

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