Real Madrid Transfer: Havertz, Camavinga and the “Do not Sign” Madrid

Is it true that Real Madrid is not going to sign anyone this summer?

Is it true that Real Madrid is not going to sign anyone this summer?

The question is repeated until it becomes a trend. Really, Real Madrid is not going to sign anyone? It is going to be a very calm summer. We are not going to sign anyone; they repeat when you throw the question to someone with the Madridista shield on his chest and who is standing in the shiny new Valdebebas office terminal. And the truth is that it is not a strategy. The problem comes when it is the fans who repeat the question this time to the journalists. “Really?”, To add, “They are deceiving you. Look at Barcelona, ​​the number of players who have already signed “, they comment ironically. And what to say of the representatives; who are still waiting for that call to reactivate.

The reality says that Real Madrid like the rest of the great Europe has found a reality for which they are going to stop entering nearly 200 million euros. If the current quota surplus is added to these; the urgency becomes something vital so that the white club does not seriously endanger its economy. Barcelona ​​the only one of the greats of Europe that speculates with great signings.

All those operations that were underway and that now have no continuity, two stand out. The first is Havertz’s. Yesterday the Bild spoke of an offer from Real Madrid presented in its day. The other is from Camavinga. Will they wait for Real Madrid for a year or until the end of the summer?

The leaders of the white club took the appropriate steps until last March. But everything has been suspended. Havertz’s call to find out if they followed through on the talk shows that the German puts white interest ahead of any other team. In Camavinga’s case, the player is clear. The midfielder wants to play for Real Madrid. He seems to be willing to wait for the white club to find the ideal scenario for his transfer..

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