Suarez has no plans to leave Barcelona

Suarez has no plans to leave Barcelona

Josep Maria Bartomeu made it clear in his interview on BarcaTV that his intention is for veteran players to leave the club and that they have given a lot to the entity, but of those who are firmly believed, after the debacle against Bayern Munich (2-8 ) that their cycle at the club has already ended, despite all of them have a current contract. Suarez is reportedly ready to fight for his future at Barcelona despite Ronald Koeman appearing to make him surplus to requirements having appointed as Barca coach

The Barcelona president mentioned several players that he considered non-transferable due to their youth or because he still does not consider them ‘burned’ for the project that Ronald Koeman will face on the bench. And he also clarified that “there are legendary players who must leave with honors. On the non-transferable, he specified that “they are Leo Messi and many other players. It would be a cliche to just say Leo Messi is the best player in history but there are other non-transferable ones. There are many young players. Ter Stegen, Lenglet, De Jong, Semedo, Dembele, Griezmann. They are players that we count on a lot and who have come to spend many years at Barca”.

But of course, if he cited a few non-transferable ones, the conclusion was quickly drawn that if there were veterans who he had not cited, they were on the other list, the transferable list. This is the case of Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Ivan Rakitic, Arturo Vidal or Ivan Rakitic, leaving the doubt of Gerard Pique; who offered to leave if the club saw it necessary; but about which there are fewer doubts due to his good performance during the season.

Suarez has no plans to leave Barcelona

One of the footballers on whom there is more focus is Luis Suarez (33 years old); who has a contract until 2021 with a clause according to which; if he plays 60 percent of the next season’s games; he will be automatically renewed until 2022. The club ensures that it has an offer from the North American MLS and an interest has also transcended from Ajax Amsterdam; the club where Suarez played before signing for Liverpool.

But from the player’s environment, the speech is clear. Suarez wants to continue at least one more year and does not know anything about the club. “From the club, there is a lot of talk to the outside and little to the inside because here he still does not appear. Luis is still waiting and no one contacted him ”, explains people very close to the Uruguayan. Asked about Ajax’s interest in going after him; there is also a clear idea. “No, Luis is not going to go to Ajax in any way. The idea is to go off quietly next year. Regarding the offer of an MLS club; it is noted that for now there is nothing and also I insist; no one from the club has contacted us. Suarez, according to his relatives, “is like everyone else, hurt, and sad.”

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