Willian and Pedro say goodbye to Chelsea

Willian and Pedro say goodbye to Chelsea

Pedro and Willian said goodbye to the Chelsea fans The Tenerife-born Pedro contract with the English club ended. After the elimination of Chelsea from the Champions League, knocked out by Bayern Munich; the season of the London club has come to an end, as well as the involvement of the former Barça.

Pedro’s contract ended in June this year and, although the London team managed to extend it until the end of the course; forced by the coronavirus as the course had been extended; it was known that his future was far from Stamford Bridge.

Pedro decided that it was time to leave Chelsea and embark on a new adventure, as his new destination could be Roma. And today he has officially said goodbye to what has been his hobby for the last five seasons. He has done so by publishing a letter through his social networks in which he thanked the blue parish for all the support and wished him the best of luck.

Pedro’s letter:

“After five wonderful years, my time at Chelsea FC is coming to an end. Many thanks to the club’s board, to the coaches and teammates at this time, and of course to the fans: thank you for the experience of belonging to your great family. I have been very happy, you have made me feel at home.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to play for this great club and win the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Europa League, as well as having competed in one of the best leagues in the world. Without a doubt I was right in the choice, I take back wonderful and unforgettable memories. New challenges and triumphs will arrive for sure.

I say goodbye very satisfied with this stage of my career that is ending, and at the same time very excited about the new one that is beginning. Thank you and good luck in the future.

Come on Blues !!! ”

In these 5 years as a Chelsea player, Pedro has played a total of 206 games and has scored 43 goals. It has also won a Premier League, a Europa League, and an FA Cup.

Willian also says goodbye Chelsea?

Willian and Pedro say goodbye to Chelsea

He is not the only ‘blue’ player who has announced his departure by dedicating a few words to the fans of the London team. The Brazilian Willian has also said goodbye to the fans; and is getting closer and closer to becoming a new Arsenal player for the next three seasons; precisely those that he requested the team led by Frank Lampard to renew, but which were denied.

“They were seven wonderful years. In August 2013 when I received the offer from Chelsea I was convinced that was where I had to play. Today I know it was the best decision. There were so many happy moments, some sad ones; there were trophies and it was always very intense ”; Willian wrote in his open letter to the fans of the English team.

“Still, beyond the trophies, I learned a lot about myself. I developed a great deal, becoming a better player and a better person. With every training session, with every match, with every minute I spent in the locker room, I was always learning ”; continues the Brazilian forward, who continues to explain that“ I am very grateful to the Chelsea fans for the affection with which they received me in Stamford Bridge and their support throughout my time at the club. There was also criticism, which is normal; what is important however is that both affection and criticism led me to always give my best in each training session; in each game, to constantly improve until my last minute with a Chelsea shirt ”.

Finally, Willian has sentenced that “the time has come to go. I am convinced that I will miss my teammates and club staff who have always treated me like a son and I will miss the fans. I go with my head held high, safe in the knowledge that I won things here; and always gave my best in a Chelsea jersey. My thanks from the heart go out to all of you and God bless you ”.

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